Stem cell Therapy

  • ① Most advanced and current up-to date technique to regenerate deficient cartilages.

  • ② Excellent symptomatic relief.

  • ③ Most suited for early degenerative OA patients(40-50’s) who are still physically active 70-80% cartilage regeneration rate.

  • [cartilge deficient articular surface]
  • [after debridement & microfracturing]
  • [Stem cell (cartistem) application]
  • [6 months post-op cartilage regeneration]

Arthroscopic surgery (knee)

  • ① Both diagnostic & therapeutic simultaneously

  • ② With minimal incision of 7mm, arthroscope is inserted into the joint for direct enlarged view. Some of advantages are that it is superior to MRI in diagnosis, only minimal blood loss with minimal scar formation and offers fast recovery.

  • [MM Radial tear]
  • [Menisecotmy]
  • [MM Posterior horn root avulsion tear]
  • [Repaired meniscus]
  • [MM Peripheral tear]
  • [Repaired meniscus]
  • [Total menisectomy state]
  • [MM transplantation]
  • [Pathological medial patella plica syndrome]
  • [Plica excision]
  • [ACL Completely ruptured]
  • [ACL reconstruction with allo-achilles tendon]

Arthroscopic surgery(shoulder)

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator cuff tear requires surgical repair. At modu, we utilize precise & high quality surgical techniques to ensure exact repair for fast recovery.

  • [Normal RC tendon]
  • [RC tear]
  • [Repaired RC tendon]
  • [Normal RC tendon]
  • [RC tear]
  • [Repaired RC tendon]

Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder)

Capsular thickening results from inflammation at around the capsule, resulting in painful limitation of motion of the shoulder.
In many cases, intra-articular injections & ROM exercise will improve the symptoms but surgical intervention may be needed in severe cases

  • [Normal capsule]
  • [Inflamed capsule]
  • [After capsular capsule]

Cartilage preservation/regeneration techniques

  • ① Depending on the size of the defect of cartilages and cause of origin, OATS (<2mm²) or Cartistem (>2mm²) is chosen for therapy.

  • ② For more localized defect, autologous cartilage-bone complex is harvested from same knee and transplanted into the defect. Since fully matured cartilage is transplanted and because it is from one-self, technique is very safe and renders minimal complications, with excellent results.

  • [localized cartilage defect]
  • [Recipient site preparation]
  • [Donor harvest]
  • [Transplantation in progress]
  • [Transplantation completed]

Total Knee Arthroplasty (replacement)

  • ① Minimal invasive technique – incision of 10-11cm (conventional 15-20cm)

  • ② When medications, physiotherapy or intra-articular injections can no longer alleviate painful sympotoms of advanced degenerative OA knees, total knee arthroplasty/replacement is indicated.

  • Unilateral deg OA
  • TKA
  • Bilateral deg OA
  • TKA

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