Microscopic lumbar discectomy

  • ① Minimal incision with preservation of normal tissues as much as possible and success rate of more than 95%

  • ② At Modu spine clinic, microscopic discectomy with skin incision of 2-3cm is performed. Disc lesion is efficiently removed and return to activities of daily living is achieved within a few days.

Endoscopic discectomy

  • ① It is safe for elderly and DM patients because no general anesthesia is necessary.

  • ② Endoscopic discectomy is performed through 6mm portals without injury to muscle or ligaments. High frequency electric rods are used to vaporize problematic disc components, decreasing the possibilities of recurrence.

  • [ Extruded disc ]
  • [ Disc removal with forcep ]
  • [ Decompression of nerve ]

Spinal fusion and instrumentation

  • ① Fixation and instrumentation with pedicle screws to resolve spinal instabilities.

  • ② When there is preexisting spinal instabilities or when wide decompression of spinal canal leading to spinal instabilities occur, secondary chronic low back pain develops. Spinal instrumentation and fusion is needed for stabilization and relief of these symptoms.

  • Spondylolisthesis of
    L4 - on L5
  • Spinal fusion with

Cervical Total Disc Replacement

  • ① Advantage of early return to activities of daily living due to preservation of mobile joints.

  • ② In the past, after cervical discectomy, fusion with autobone or cage was the only surgical option. But recently, preservation of mobile joint is possible with cervical toral disc replacement just like total knee replacement.

  • Herniated Cervical Disc of C5-6
  • Total Disc Replacement of C5-6

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